Muscle Expert

Angel Tortoriello-Umbach has been on numerous national television shows featured for her advice on injury prevention and peak performance.

Accelerate Healing

Quickly eliminate pain and accelerate your healing process

Deep knowledge of Anatomy

With extensive certifications and long hours of continued education

Perform your Best

Ensure all your muscles are functioning at peak levels prior to performances


Ensuring alignment and balance exist prevents injury


Ensure muscle systems are relaxed and not under stress


Clearing blocked systems to create full range of power and agility

Angel is a wonderful, caring and professional therapist who has an in-depth working knowledge of the muscles in the body that makes her very effective. Through her unique way of using isometrics and isolated muscle testing she was able to identify and reactivate the muscles that were at the root of my back and shoulder pain. When I first went to see Angel I could no longer workout. I was having pain on my right side, from my ear to heal, and a severe loss of strength. I went from benching 5 sets of 5 at 180 pounds to not being able to bench the 45 pound bar 1 time. After trying other therapies a friend of mine lead me to Angel, and she found that my body was out of balance and a host of muscles on my right side were not firing causing other muscles to compensate and this lead to the pain and loss of strength I was having. After my first visit I had a noticeable difference, less pain and I could feel the muscles she reactivated. After a couple of visits Angel got my entire body back in balance, gave me some exercises to find the muscles she reactivated and keep them activated. I am now back in the gym working my way back to where I left off. I would highly recommend Angel to anyone having back pain. Her approach is very unique and fixes the root of the problem and not just the symptom. You won’t be disappointed!!

John Cavalieri

Golfer, Weightlifter, All Outdoor Sports Enthusiast

I was initially dubious as my shoulder had been in pain for many years.  After my first visit I got immediate relief.  The results are amazing and help me live a pain free life.  See Angel right away to get your quality of life back.

Gillian McAllister


Angel is an essential part of my team to ensure my family operates at their full potential.  Keeping our muscles balanced reduces risk of injury and ensures we can leverage our bodies fully toward achieving each of our goals.

Daren E.

Sr. Exec. Account Manager

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