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I want to thank you, Angel Tortoriello-Umbach, for an incredible session! My body, balance and alignment feel in perfect harmony. Amazing work….Thank you! You are an angel…xoxoxoxox

– Tony Meredith
Professional Ballroom Dancer and Choreographer

Angel is a passionate and compassionate therapist who works tirelessly with her patients to improve their health and well being. I was diagnosed in late September of last year with herniated discs L4 and L5 in my lower back. This was very distressing to someone that worked out, ran and biked for 30 years. I attempted physical therapy which I thought was helping me but in reality my condition was not improving but getting worse to the point where I was incapacitated and unable to walk in December. I was basically bed ridden for an entire month and unable to work. I finally came across an article that spoke about muscle activation and I sought the services of Angel. She began with an extensive and comprehensive examination. We began treatments and I was able to start working part time and subsequently able to return to the gym for light workouts. After a few months I was able to cross country ski and ultimately return to my passion of running and biking. She is a great motivator who is dedicated to her craft and excels at it. I would highly recommend her to get you on your feet and get you back in the game

-Mike.runner,skier,loves to be active

Angel is a wonderful therapist who’s unique approach to working with the body is extremely effective. She works on and clears the neurological pathways to the muscles which allows them to become activated. One of the things that I had learned from my education in kinesiology was that oftentimes, the problem with a muscle wasn’t really in the muscle itself, but in the blockage of the pathways from the brain to the muscle. In other words, the signal can become blocked due to injury, repetitive stress, or a variety of other issues. Then, because the muscle doesn’t receive the signal from the brain, it shuts itself down and other muscles start taking over the work which can cause imbalances in the body. This often starts a chain reaction resulting in inefficient movement and poor control over the body. As the imbalances worsen, it can lead to pain.
I began taking Martial Arts class again after a long break and I found that I just couldn’t quite activate my lats which resulted in poor motor control and lack of power. I decided to work with Angel because it seemed that no matter how much I tried, I just couldn’t get my lats to “wake up”. She did a full assessment on me and discovered several imbalances. After working with Angel, she gave me some exercises to help me “find” my lats and my instructor noticed a big difference in the power of my punch.I would highly recommend Angel to all dancers and athletes to help their performance. Her approach is very unique and very targeted. and she is very thorough in her assessments. You won’t be disappointed!!
– Maria Hansen

Angel is one of the most unassuming, humble and knowledgeable professionals when it comes to understanding the complexities of the body. She possesses the knowledge (or more), of a doctor in regards to its’ inner workings. Her ability to diagnose and provide effective solutions to get you healthy is her passion. Being a professional dancer herself offers a first hand understanding of the injuries “World Class” dancers can develop.
Having had severe shoulder trauma from years of improper technique combined with using excess weight during weight training in midlife, had me thinking surgery was the next and only step to recovery. Yet, within minutes, Angel was able to isolate smaller supportive muscles which were not utilized (exercised), during my training regimen causing an imbalance and consequently, pain! Most importantly, she treated the compromised area and provided the appropriate exercises to accelerate the healing process. By following her strength and conditioning exercises, I have had no recurrence to this date; 5 years later.
Ed NiemiecIf you are serious about living an enriched life from a healthier perspective, Angel will help get you there; regardless of where you are health wise. This “Lil Dynamo” is one of “NJ’s Best Kept Secrets!” I now embrace working out more than ever with a better understanding of my body and what it takes to live an energetic, healthier and more fulfilling life. Thank you, Angel.

– Ed Niemiec
Owner – ProActiveImage